Infrared Therapy

Infrared light is one of several innovative therapies that are being trialed for the management of patients with acute or chronic pain. The therapy uses certain wavelengths of light that are delivered to sites of the body that have injuries.

Unlike ultraviolet light – which has damaging effects upon the tissues and cells of the body – infrared light helps cells regenerate or repair themselves. Infrared light also improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain.

One of the characteristics of infrared light is its ability to penetrate below the skin layers, providing a much greater depth which is able to effectively provide pain relief. In fact, this invasive, natural, and painless method can provide a vast range of health benefits, without damaging the skin through UV radiation. Infrared light is the heat people feel when exposed to the sun

Infrared Therapy Front

Benefits Of Infrared Light Therapy?

Infrared therapy has many roles in the human body. These include:

• Detoxification
• Pain relief
• Reduction of muscle tension
• Relaxation
• Improved circulation
• Weight loss
• Skin purification
• Lowered side effects of diabetes
• Boosting of the immune system and lowering of blood pressure


BDT 200 Per 15 Min Session

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